New Release Amazing Sale - Purchased around 14/15th of January were supposed to be due  in march but now have been moved to June 10th

2021 Massive Sale: Purchased around 13th of January were suppose to be due between February 27th - March 16th but now have been moved to June 10th

The New Release & 2021 Sale has been delayed due to the amount of emails that came through as they were on sale for $10 and can take quite awhile to get through as people purchased more than 4 predictions per email. Please also understand that city chariot is also heavily pregnant at this time and also is experiencing pregnancy difficulties. City Chariot also had to relocate from Sydney to Gold Coast which has set her back in her schedule. We do apologies for the long delay but this will be the last time ever a sale will be done at $10 as we were not expecting the large amount of emails that came through.

These readings below are also expecting delays till April 30th -May 4th
-Surprise predictions
-Cupid predictions
-Standout Significant Words
-Spiritual Cleanse
-Higher Power Alignment